Does anyone know any site that’s selling the Heiman smart doorbell (HS2DB-E)?

The only place I can find via Google is the smarthome-Europe site (
But that doesn’t seem to sell to consumers. I know Lidl were selling the same doorbell under their silver crest brand but no luck on that front either.

If I can’t find it I need a Zigbee button that is somewhat water resistant. It’s going under a porch but the door does still get wet during a storm. I’ve thought about one of those Aqara buttons that I already use and maybe plasti-Kote-ing it or wrapping it in clear heatshrink.

If anyone knows where I can find the Heiman button or has any other input I’d be grateful for suggestions.


I found three shops for that button:


Hey, thanks.I managed to source some on eBay Germany, guess I should have updated this thread. Alibaba is mainly for buying in bulk for resale btw.