Does anyone know how to convert Accurite Hex to Farenheit?

I’ve got a Tasmotized Sonoff 433MHz bridge and it’s able to pickup the temp sensor 06002m from Accurite. It’s in hex, but from what I’ve read it’s a pretty involved thing to convert. I keep getting around the same temperature (D10FFE). Is there a ready made conversion for this? It can come in over MQTT

I think it’s not just straight hex. You have to shift binary digits here, and XOR these other digits there, etc. It’s convoluted.

I think you can use this to convert to a decimal:

{{ states(sensor.your-sensor) | int(base=16) }}

But i think only some of the string is relevant. Try this (then check units):

value_template: >
  {% set hex_val = states(sensor.your-sensor)[-3:-1] | int(base=16) %}
  {{ ((float(hex_val/10) * 1.8) + 32) | round(1, default = 0) }}

If all else fails, grab the rtl_433 source from GitHub and see how they decode the various AcuRite packets…

If you have some info on how its done, tell us so someone can convert it to a template.