Does anyone know how to remove/un-install bwalarm?

I don’t need bwalarm anymore and would like to remove/un-install it from HA. Can anyone help me with this?

Is this what you installed (did you use these instructions to do the installation)?

Wow. People are still using this?

It hasn’t been an active project since 2020.

I thought everyone moved over to alarmo.

Yes it is what I installed

I know right! trying to get rid of it now

Not having removed this myself, I would try to remove it using HACS.

If that doesn’t work, I would try reversing the installation steps; for example: removing the bits from the configuration.yaml, etc.

Or rebuild from scratch without the bwalarm piece.

Thank you but bwalarm doesn’t show up under HACS installed integrations.

Then do the reverse of the install instructions.

Ok I will give it a try