Does anyone know of an angle/level meter

I am after a device that will give me the angle of a surface, I have built a drop down flap from my suspended ceiling, it is operated by an actuator that is trigger up or down from a broadlink RF pro. I want to know what angle the door is at, so 0 degrees would probably horizontal, 90 would be open fully.

:arrow_right: esphome with a magnetometer of choice :raised_hands:

Thank you, I have just started getting into ESP, got a few Bluetooth repeaters and Bluetooth presence sensors, do yo have any links that would get me started to building something like this?

Well, it is as easy as to use a esp of choice (like a $2 d1 mini clone for example) and connect it to a magnetometer of choice (looks like they are all I2C based) with two wires for the I2C communication and two more for voltage/ground for the sensor :tada:

Could also go for the more expensive boards with STEMMA QT / Qwiic connectors so it’s more a plug’n’play solution

Thank you very much, I will have a play.

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If any troubles occur there is a very active esphome category in this forum :wink:

And the getting started guide from esphome is quite useful if you just get started :point_down:

Aqara also have some if you run Zigbee. Xiaomi DJT11LM control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

Excellent thank you

Maybe an approach could be using a BLE beacon with an accelerometer. This would not require soldering and will give you the position change.

More info below:

A BLE gateway can be used to retrieve the information from the beacon and translate it into a position.

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