Does anyone know which air conditioning manufacturer can be easily integrated into HA

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I would like to buy a small air conditioner that should also serve as a frost guard. Therefore, the integration into HA is important to me.
Does anyone know which air conditioner manufacturer is the best?

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While I cannot say what works or not, I can say that Mitsubishi Heavy ZM works decently using ESPhome, an IR-blaster and heatpumpir platform.
If you are planning to use as frost guard, pay attention to be able to set that feature on the heat-pump. If using an IR-blaster, this can be tricky. The heatpumpir platform doesn’t support that from Mitsu ZM pump.
I’d look for a better way of communicating than an IR-blaster, but then your may have to rely on the manufacturer’s API and possibly fees for that API.

From my heat-pump, 10°C (frost guard) is only available with a separate button. Normal thermostat setting is between 18°C and 28°C, so you integration with Home Assistant must support this.

Most of the Daikin models work using wifi without issue. See the warning box at the top of the doc:


Hello and thanks for the replies,

there are air conditioners with an antifreeze function, but unfortunately you cannot search for this function specifically. Therefore I want to control the anti-freeze via HA.
Unfortunately, I am not familiar with ESP Home. The Daikin integration seems to be ok. Unfortunately, that can only be checked once I have the device. The WLAN adapters are not precisely named in the shop.
I will probably buy this device:

Hopefully it works… What do you think?

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Go to a reputable shop. Do not buy from ebay.

I just asked. It is the adapter BRP069B45. So it should work.

Thanks very much…

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Make sure the HA integration supports setting anti-freeze, otherwise it’s a no-go anyway.

I don’t really see a problem with automation. Temperature below 2 degrees = heat, temperature above 6 degrees = off.

Do you see a problem there?

That should work if you use the system outdoor temperature sensor.

OK. Thank you very much…

Ah, since you mentioned “frost guard” in your original post I thought you were referring to something akin to the “Night Setback” function. Of course 18°C is also frost guard, but I instinctively thought about a more energi efficient mode (such as 10°C).


Thanks again. The Daikin is installed and in HA.

Greeting Werner

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