Does anyone use eWelink supported zigbee smart plug with zigbee2mqtt + CC2531 before?

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Hi, I’m currently using CC2531 + zigbee2mqtt with my Hassio and i have a bunch of Xiaomi and Aqara plug/switch/sensors connected successfully. Recently, i would like to add few zigbee smart plugs and i found this: E Life Smart Store 10A UK For EWelink ZigBee Smart Plug .

The plug looks like the eWelink SA-003 plug and the SA-003 plug is supported in zigbee2mqtt according to zigbee2mqtt supported devices page. The plug that i found has mentioned it did supported eWelink app but doesn’t specified the model but it did mention it can support zigbee 3.0 hub.

Will this E Life Smart Store 10A UK For EWelink ZigBee Smart Plug works with CC2531 + zigbee2mqtt? Has anyone use this kind of zigbee plug before?

Did you try to pair it ?

Not yet. In fact, i have not order it yet as i would like to check if anyone here has successfully work with these kinds of smart plug before.

If no one has tried this plug before, i will order and try and will report here.

Let’s wait for few days. Cheers!

Any joy with these plugs ?

Yes. They are supported. But they doesn’t seem to be supported as router.