Does BLE work on Pi Zero W?

Documentation said the Bluetooth add-on is for Pi 3. I installed it on a Pi Zero W and while BT device tracker works, when setting up BLE device tracker instead Hassio won’t load and I’ve also been unable to connect with Miflora sensor (when setting it up as the only component, no other BT stuff running). Wondering if it’s just me or if it’s just that BLE isn’t working, yet. Thanks!

does bluetooth work in pi zero w or not? Trying to install miflora sensor, and this seems the best for it. But if it doesn’t work its a bummer.Thanks

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Hi, exactly the same question here… I have hassio up and running on pizero w, but my miflora sensors don’t seem to be getting any readings. I have installed the bluetooth component, so any other advise would be most welcome…

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It’s a current limitation of hassio:

Hassbian on a zero with miflora is working fine.