Does ESP8266 on Wemos work as a slave?

I ask you for clarification regarding the functioning of ESP8266. I have a wemos D1 module and would like to know if it can be used as an I2C slave. I am thinking of a project where a micro interrogates the wemos via I2C but I cannot find confirmation that it can be done. Can someone clarify this doubt for me so as to avoid wasting further time and inventing another solution to receive a byte from the wemos? Thank you so much

There is no ESPHome I2C component that acts as a slave. You would have to write your own custom component.

As far as I know and as indicated also by @tom_l it’s not possible straight ! It exists perhaps some Arduino libs for that but not even sure :confused:

thank you. I suspected it. I have to extract a byte and transfer it to a micro but I can’t use uart. Sin…

You might be able to leverage this example.

thanks for the suggestion but it is a little complicated for me. I program PICs in asm and I don’t know much about arduino. I don’t know how to use them.