Does Fire 10 tablet have Haptic feedback running HA?

I have setup over 70 devices in my Home Assistant running on pi-4 and all Dashboards running on fire 10’s mounted on walls on each floor of the home. Its AMAZING! But i have something so simple and cannot figure it out…

None of the wall mounted tablets have haptic feedback so the wife is not trusting her press on lights or alarm as example. Must be a way to have some sort of sound right? I do have haptic/click sounds everywhere on tablet except when running Home Assistant. Any help would be great! I do run “Wall Panel” app on tablets if that makes any difference?

Use Fully Kiosk Browser (Android app). That app has many great features, including playing a sound when tapping.

Fully Kiosk Browser works a lot like WallPanel btw, are you sure you’re looking at all the settings inside WallPanel? Hard to believe it misses that feature, since it looks a lot like Fully Kiosk Browser.

Just looked again and i agree is Shocking its not an option. wall panel works great besides this sound issue… i must be missing something! :slight_smile:

Then try Fully Kiosk Browser, I personally like it more (have tried both).

Other alternative is to use browser_mod and automations. Which I would not recommend, since you’ll have to create an automation to play a sound when pressing a button. Very cumbersome work and a pain in the ass to maintain/change your UI.

What is interesting is i dont even have “tap clicks”(haptic feedback) in iphone app or on anything. So maybe its just not wall panel issue and something is messed up on my install? Funny i cant find much about “tap/click feedback” on forums at all so i assume it should just work