Does learn from my data?


i have integrated now and was wondering if it will learn from my actual produced data, or if it just uses the forecast API?.

Because if it will learn, why don´t I have to set the entities about my produced energy? How should it now, how much i produce every day?

Thanks a lot

No it won’t. If your estimates are not accurate you can follow these instructions:

I found a negative damping value helped as well as severely exaggerating my azimuth setting by 10 degrees.

It usually underestimated my morning and afternoon production.

I use solcast as does not work in Australia. And while the sunny day production is spot on, if there are any clouds at all it can be off by over 100%. It also overestimates my morning production and underestimates my evening production. I might have to adjust my system azimuth.

That’s weird - I find it usually that forecasts cloudy days reasonably well - although it does get some wrong.

Yeah, it’s a shame it’s not available here.