Does Fortrezz MIMO2+ work in hass?

I just paired a new Fortrezz MIMO2+ with hass and I cannot access the secondary switch.

Filed new issue

Has anyone seeing the same thing?

I have the MIMO2+ and both switches do work for me with HASS. I have an Aeotec Z-Stick as my controller.

Old thread I know, but I’ve had no issue using the MIMO2 to control both switches.

My issue is with the sensor inputs, they only refresh on a slow time interval, so I don’t get updated state of whether my garage doors are open or shut. There seems to be some configuration options to switch from time-based to event-based, or to change the time intervals, but neither configuration item actually takes effect. Anyone have success with this? I’m using Zwavejs now to set the configuration items, so technically outside of Home Assistant.