Does Google Assistant Integration Send New Devices To HA?

I’ve got a bunch of Cync/C by GE Direct Connect bulbs that were given to me and they’ve been my gateway into getting into Home Assistant. These “Direct Connect” types only connect over WiFi, as opposed to Bluetooth, so currently the only supported methods of control are GE’s own app, or Google/Alexa once you’ve turned on the integration in GE’s app.

I can now control all the bulbs via Google Assistant but I want them to be controllable by Home Assistant. I’ve set up the Google Assistant integration manually and have done everything up to filling out the entities in the configuration.yaml file.

That’s when I noticed that it seems like this integration is going to only exposes entities already in Home Assistant to Google. I’ve been hoping it’d also go the other way and expose devices known to Google to Home Assistant. Does anybody know if that’s the case? If so, I can unlock a lot of potential in these bulbs…

TLDR: Does the Google Assistant integration, set up manually, allow Home Assistant to “discover” devices previously only known to Google Assistant? My devices can’t be added to Home Assistant directly.

It only works by allowing GA to control your HA devices, not allowing HA to control GA-only devices.