Does Google Assistant know the state of my cover (garage)

I have had the Google Assistant component set up and running since its inception and just got the request_sync update from 0.58 working.

My cover entity (my garage) is exposed to GA and it shows up in the Google Home app as a light bulb symbol, although I explicitly set in my customize to say google_assistant_type: cover. When I attempted to ask google “is the garage open or closed”… the response brings a web page suggestion, but if I ask google “is the garage on or off”, she responds with “The garage is on” (for clarity my garage is closed right now)… What does that mean??? Is GA (sort of) privy to the state of my garage from the cover component? Somehow the data for ON/OFF from a light is transferred properly, but the OPEN/CLOSE state of a cover component is not?

FYI I did not want to try to open my garage and try again because I’m at work and not home.

NOTE: I will edit this post with an update when I retry my query after work with my garage open.

Covers are interpreted as a switch having an on/off state.

Mine reports off as closed and on as open.

So Google responds telling you that yours is open/closed? Did you have to specify that “off” is closed and etc? If so, how?

It tells me that it’s “On” when it’s open, or “Off” when it’s closed.

From my previous post, mine said “on” when closed. This is reversed from what you stated. Is this a setting in HA or GA? Is there any way to get google to say “open/closed” rather than on/off?

Not until Google adds an API method for garage doors.

Should be in HA, what GDO are you using?

Sorry, whats GDO?

It’s an MQTT cover if that’s what you’re asking.

GDO - Garage Door Opener

Using an arduino like controller that you’ve programmed?

Yes, a home-brew ESP8266 board with arduino programmed FW. It has a magnet switch for door closed sensing and a DS18B20 for temperature reporting.

You may need to adjust the MQTT string you send in the firmware then.