Does HA support The Shade Store motorized shades?


I am considering Lutron Serena shades (with a Caseta Smart Bridge Pro) or The Shade Store shades (with a The Shade Store Wireless Link).

TSS claims support for all major automations, and the list includes the ones you expect like Control4, Savant, etc. I don’t see anything for Home Assistant, nor have my forum/google searches found anything.

Does anyone know if there is an integration for The Shade Store motorized shades in Home Assistant?



The Rollease Acmeda Automate Pulse Hub v2 is the same as The Shade Store hub. There is integration available in HACS. See here: GitHub - sillyfrog/Automate-Pulse-v2: Rollease Acmeda Automate Pulse Hub v2 integration for Home Assistant

Like @CircuitSetup has stated, the Shade Store Wireless Link appears to be a rebranded Automate Pulse Hub V2 (1, 2). The Automate Pulse Hub works with HA (1), so theoretically it shouldn’t be an issue to connect Shade Store blinds to HA. What isn’t clear to me whether the Automate Pulse Hub can control Shade Store blinds out of the box, but given the risk between losing the ability to connect to your blinds entirely and losing the ability to control your blinds via HA it is probably a safer bet to pay for the Shade Store branded hub.

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I’ll let you know once I get things setup, but I can’t imagine they changed anything other than the logo. The motor assemblies are also Rollease that operate on 433.92MHz

Yeah, the Pulse v2 hub will pair with The Shade Store blinds out of the box. Both native apps are even the same and can be used interchangeably.


Yeah, the Pulse v2 hub will pair with The Shade Store blinds out of the box. Both native apps are even the same and can be used interchangeably.

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that it worked without issue and there wasn’t some secret sauce baked into the Shade Store branded version. How reliable have you found the hub to be? Reviews on Amazon are not kind, to say the least.

It seems to work great for me. I don’t think it would work well for the 2nd floor shades if it was in the basement with other equipment though. For now, I have it on the 1st floor.

The native app is a bit clunky, but it works once everything is set up. The commands coming from HA work like they’re supposed to, so the app isn’t really needed except for pairing everything to the hub.

Just in case it helps you or someone else in the future, I have The Shade Store V2 hub and opted to integrate it with Home Assistant via HomeKit controller. It was an automatic detection, painless setup, and all controls works as a stock “cover” entity.

The person in our family who was in charge of buying the blinds initially went looking for Serena shades as well to integrate with our existing Lutron Caseta tech, but opted for TSS to save on costs. I was initially a little miffed, but understand the need to budget, and was happy that everything came together seamlessly.

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I appear to have v1 of the Shade Store hub, and am not sure if their shades are pairable only to the appropriate generation of hub. Does anybody know if I could get v2 of either Automate or Shade Store hub and pair my shades with it? In other words is the v2 hub compatible with all Shade Store blind motors?

Is this the hub you have?

If so, there’s some comparison documentation from the manufacturer here.

At first I thought, the old hub also used 433MHz RF to connect to the actual shade device, so my guess is that they would pair fine, but of course I can’t guarantee that.

But then I saw that the old hub shows what motors it’s compatible with, and that those listed are also marked as discontinued, and don’t list compatibility with the v2 hub; that could be just because of age of the product pages, though. best to contact Rollease for the info, as it’s all 433MHz so it’d just be a matter of new command differences I would think.

Yes, my ShadeStore hub looks like the discontinued RollEase one named “Wi-Fi Bridge (GEN 1)”. And my collection of remotes look like this. So I will take your advice and contact RollEase. Thanks for the help!

I ended up getting a 2nd generation hub via The Shade Store. It definitely looks just like the RollEase 2nd generation hub. And with it I’m able to control my Shade Store motorized shades, both in their app but more importantly via the HACS Rollease Acmeda Automate Pulse Hub v2 integration. So now I can create automations in HA! Thanks for all the help.

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