Does HASS.IO work on the Raspberry Pi 2B+


  • I am currently running Hassbian on my Rapsberry Pi 2B+,
  1. I was just wondering does HASS.IO work on the Raspberry Pi 2B+?

  2. I am wondering if I might be better off working with HASS.IO instead of hassbian?

  3. How do the two compare and how are they different from each other?

I am using a fairly big install on a RPi2 and it seems to work well. HASS.IO is designed to run on a Pi. Hass.IO is somewhat restrictive, but I like it and it gets the job done for me. I can’t help with #3 as I have not run hassbian.

There isn’t a pi 2+. There is a pi 3b+, and it’s not supported by hassio yet

Which image are you using on the Pi2? I’ve tried the one here:

and it doesn’t boot.on my Pi2. The PI is definitely working, as I can boot up other images on it.