Does home assistant need the Internet?

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I’m trying to set up a workshop and make it smart. The light will be on sensors and the power will cut off when I turn the lights off kinda thing… But I don’t have an Internet signal, does home assistant need an Internet connection or just a WiFi signal to connect to the devices?

Any help is appreciated

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Strictly speaking, no it doesn’t need the internet, but you’ll find it much easier to install and update it with the internet.

By the way how did you post here without an internet connection?

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Thanks nick,

That’s what I thought though I wasn’t sure.

As for how I posted, the setup I’m looking to implement is in my workshop, I’m currently at home :wink:

For updates I can connect my phone every so often I guess…

I guess if I want to say have the lights flash if my phone rings I’ll need the Internet for push notifications

Or a modem. People have been using those for ring detection and caller ID (even in Home Assistant since the days of dialup Internet.

My mistake, I should have been clearer :confused: it’s only a mobile signal I have.

Basically in my workshop I have 240v power and a weak mobile signal, if I stand in the carpark I can get an Internet signal on my phone but not in the building. Its in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and fields so getting a phone line or Internet cable isn’t an option :pensive:.

Wonder if there is a way to have my phone send a signal over closed WiFi to HA if it gets a call that could be picked up and used in an automation…

Pretty much the only limitation is what you can imagine… there’s pretty much a way to do anything.

Have a look at SV Sognare youtube channel. they live on a boat and use HA. even when at sea without signal its still possible to use

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Yes, if you’ve got an Android phone then you can install Tasker and automate your phone too. Link that with a Webhook trigger and you’re sorted.

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Thanks Adrian and Tinkerer,

I’ll check that youtube channel out later today thanks.

Tinkerer I had thought of that option but I maybe misunderstood how it all works, as far as I understood webhook triggers required an Internet connection, guess I’ll have to look through that again and try to work it out :grinning:

Thank you all

Does home assistant need the Internet?

Only for installing updates and things. It runs fine with no internet access.

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It requires a network connection, but that’s it. I use them inside my home network all the time.

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