Does Home Assistant Yellow supports Zigbee "install code"?

I just bought the radiator thermostat Bosch BTH-RA, which is Zigbee based and is requiring an “install code” for pairing.

As I discovered now, my current Zigbee USB stick (ConBee II) does not support it “yet” (still on Roadmap since 2 years), so i thought of migrating the hardware platform to Home Assistant Yellow.

But does Home Assistant Yellows’ Zigbee module (MGM210P) supports “install code”, or will i just receive the same error as on the ConBee II USB stick?

The chip on the yellow has nothing to do with whether it supports an install code. Everything ZigBee related is handled by the ZigBee integration.

In your case, the default integration on the yellow would probably be ZHA, which seems to allow setting the install code based on this.

Yes, any newer Silicon Labs EmberZNet and Texas Instruments Z-Stack based Zigbee Coordinator does support it, (and note that not even the new ConBee III adapter support “install code” as of yet)

Personally I recommed buying a USB dongle/stick format Zigbee Coordinator so that you can connect it via a USB extnsion cable for better placement to get it away from any sources of interference, see → Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference + optimizing using Zigbee Router devices (repeaters/extenders) to get best possible range and coverage

That is not true, there needs to be support for it in the firmware and API for it needs to be documented.

So it is true older Zigbee Coordinator SoC chip as older Zigbee stack running on those do not support “install code” (or “qr code”), and even if they did then they also need to provide API documentation on how to use it via their serial interface. There is a summery explaination of this under “Limitations” in ZHA docs:

Support for commissioning Zigbee 3.0 devices via “Install Code” or “QR Code” via the ‘zha.permit’ service has so far only been implemented for ‘ezsp’ (Silicon Labs EmberZNet) or ‘znp’ (Texas Instruments) radio type in ZHA. Other radio types are missing support in their respective radio libraries for zigpy or manufacturer’s firmware commands/APIs.

FYI, there is more information about Bosch BTH-RA (a.k.a. Smart Thermostat 2) in this other thread → Bosch Thermostat 2


By the way, more on ConBee’s lack of support in these feature request to manufacturer and upstream:


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Maybe I understand you wrong, but the Conbee-II does support install_code.
I have one and have succesfully installed a Bosch Door/Windows II plus sensor by entering the Install_code and source_IEEEE in Home Assistant.

You could find these here:

  • Development tools
  • Tab Services
  • Service: Zigbee Home Automation: Permit
    and there enter only the Install_code and Source_IEEEE

Edit: Maybe these are available because I installed ZHA_toolkit via Hacs.