Does not send any data

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ using RP Imager. Everything was running smoothly yesterday, and I could access Home Assistant through both the IP address and DuckDNS domain.

However, this morning I received a message indicating that my IP address didn’t send any data. When attempting to access it through the URL, I encountered the same issue.
when i try to acess another servers installed by homeassistant every thing works smoothly such as inginx it works

If you attach a monitor and a keyboard, what do you see ?

i do not have a monitor and a key board
now i tried to write https://my domain name :8123 it worked
i do not understand why ?

Did you try :8123 before ? Once you enable https:// the http:// does not work anymore.

YES , you are right i realised this right now thanks.