Does the Avatto GW16 Wired Zigbee gateway work well with Home Assistant?

I’m planning to buy the Avatto GW`16-Wired Zigbee gateway to extend a Zigbee network, but found no information if it would work fine with HA. I’m new to Zigbee and I’m starting with a Sonoff dongle P and a few circuit breakers. I know that mains connected devices usually act as routers, but in my case there would be many walls between two groups of breakers, so I would have one group closer to the Sonoff (coordinator) and another group closer to the Avatto. A as I have ethernet cables in both areas, connecting the Avatto to eth would not be an issue.

That gateway only works with the Tuya integration , so your data goes to China first and then Comes back. And we all know the Quality of the Tuya integration.

I suspect you’ll end up with two separate Zigbee networks.

Sure, his dongle uses ZHA or Zigbee2mqtt, the Avatto Tuya, so 2 Zigbee networks

To ‘extend’ a zigbee network, add more powered zigbee devices that route, which is most of them that run on mains. Otherwise you have 2 networks.

What is your current zigbee coordinator hardware device? (and software coordinator)

Thanks for the suggestions. I did not know that a second coordinator would create a second network. I thought it would be possible to configure them to the same Zigbee network.
In that case, I agree that adding a few smartplugs or bulbs in the way to act as routers would be better.

Regarding my data going all way to China and back does not seem to be a big problem for a few Tuya smart switches I already have. The Smart Life app sometimes gets very slow, but I never had a problem in HA (I’m not using local Tuya yet).