Does the BTHome integration support BTHome version 2 format?

Does the Home-Assistant BTHome integration support version 2 of the BTHome format? I modified the code at GitHub - TheDigital1/ESP32_BTHome: This project aims to show how you can use a ESP32 to send BLE advertisement packets in the BTHome format. to work with a BME280 and it works great with the Home-Assistant BTHome integration. When I attempted to convert the code to the version 2 format of the service data, Home assistant no longer found the sensor values. I am running Home Assistant 2022.11.4.

Update 12/1/22:
It looks like BTHome V2 will be supported in the HA December release according to the beta release notes.

Yes, correct. BTHome V2 is added in the December release of HA, so should now be fully supported.