Does the Hive Heating integration rely on the customer web portal?

I’ve just received a note from Hive explaining that they are retiring the web dashboard next year and only focusing on the Android and iOS apps for control and monitoring. Does anyone know if this will impact the HA integration in the future?

From 1st June 2024 our Online Web Dashboard will close. From this date you will not be able to monitor or control your Hive products via the Online web dashboard.
If you already use the Hive mobile app, or if you don’t use the Online web dashboard, these changes will not affect you.

I think it will, eventually. It’s classified as a Cloud Polling integration. So it depends on how they change the mobile apps and API in future. I’d say that it doesn’t look good.

The Hive receiver and sensor devices are supported by zigbee2mqtt so this might be a good point to consider migrating to full HA control outside of the cloud. That’s probably the direction I’ll go in. My Hive hub will then be redundant.

I guess we’ll learn more over the coming months, but agreed, probably doesn’t look good as I presume it is a simplification / cost saving move to retire the web dashboard and focus on the mobile app experience where they can at least advertise etc.
Good point on alternatives, I’ve previously moved a couple of Hive door sensors and lightbulbs across to ZHA and they work well. Having sunk quite an investment in to their TRV’s I’ll need to work out what to do with those now!