Does the zha component do power consumption?

I backed the Ninja Sphere on Kickstarter a few years back. I was one of the few who got my hardware, and in the box came a few Zigbee power switches. From recollection, they’re just Ninja Blocks branded versions of the Netvox Z809A.

When I pair them up using my HUSBZB-1, I can see and control the switch portion, but I can’t see anything to do with power consumption. When I had my Ninja Spheres up and running I looked in the app (and / or on the Sphere’s MQTT bus) and saw the power was being reported correctly, so I know the hardware isn’t faulty.

I’m just wondering if power consumption is something HA / Zigbee supports, or if buying different switches to test them out would just be a waste of money.

Did you ever found how to see consumption with ZHA?

No, but I ended up switching to Zigbee2MQTT for all my Zigbee stuff which supports the Ninja Sphere / Netvox Z809A including power consumption.

I needed to buy a few items from Aliexpress and program the sniffer up and all that jazz, but now all my Zigbee stuff (which is mostly Xiaomi Aqara stuff such as buttons, door / temperature / motion sensors, plus my Philips Hue stuff) is handled via one USB stick coming out of the PC I’ve got stored in the TV cabinet.

If you have the patience, the money and the know-how, then I highly recommend Zigbee2MQTT.

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