Does the ZigBee mesh network reinforces itself or use 'add devices via this device?

Dear Home Assistant users,

I have a short question, but first some contextual information.

At home I use countless (220v) Zigbee devices such as lamps, Power sockets, etc.
My router 2.4 Ghz does not interfere with the Zigbee channel (15).
Unfortunately, I cannot connect to my lamps outside my house (mounted against the wall).

My question is: Does the Zigbee signal automatically amplify itself properly or do I have to use it “smarter” like using the option “add devices via this device”? In other words: do I have to build out the mesh network manually? Please see attachments…

Thank you in advance for your


I have exact same question.

I have two TS011F. One is connected to the coordinator. The second have LQI 1 when directly connected to coordinator. In between is the 1st TS011F. Using ZHA’s “Add device” finds the 2nd TS011F but after some minutes the map shows a direct connection with low connection quality.

Should one use the “Add Devices via this device” function at a router device page?

Theoretically, devices should find the better connections, but it really depends on the device. If unsure, try connecting via what you believe to be the best router device.