Does this exist: Wifi (spotify connect) headphones

I was wondering, does something like this exist:

A good pair of wireless headphones that can be used as a wifi and not (only) bluetooth based “speaker” I.e. do the same thing with the headphones as I an do with e.g. chromecast audio, nest/google speakers.

I don’t want it to be dependent on another device for bluetooth, just see it as a mediaplayer in Home Assistant, a Spotify Connect player in Spotify, etc.

I’m looking for a similar solution for months, and couldn’t find anything online. Basically what I’d like to do is connect 4 pairs of Bluetooth headsets to Home Assistant and play a custom sound independently on each of the BT headsets based on defined automation that will allow me to select the headset I want. For example, if 4 people walk into a room and each person wears a pair of headsets, based on some conditions, an automation is triggered and a custom sound is played on the headset. Each headset is fed with a different sound. Couldn’t find a way to add multiple headsets to HomeAssistant as individual sinks …

I just came across this upcoming kickstarter. I fear it will be expensive though.

What about an esp32 connected to some headphones?

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Yes that seems to be a scenario to further explore. I’m not sure if the Hass BT proxies / ESP Home stuff support that.

Squeezelite runs on esp32.

That I know, but it would be cool to have the ESP32 running squeezelite being a ESPHome device, so I can add other functionality, such as BT proxy, sensors etc. to that same ESP32.