Does this kind of wired zigbee extender exist?

If the distance is not km but only meters (like in my case) the router on A (house) was enough. My esphome nodes in the garage can connect directly to the wif in the house

The answer to the original question is no. This is not how Zigbee works.

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I have 2 coördinators, using ZHA and Z2M.
What I did was, use the mains for ethernet (powerline adapters) to get ethernet to my garage. Then used an SLZB-06M for Zigbee connection over ethernet.

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That’s nice! My garage has its own fuse box, so I doubt that would work for me (?).

Do you know if one of these PoE units will work as a router for zha (skyconnect)?
Sorry if stupid question.

There are no Zigbee Router devices that communicate over Ethernet. Zigbee Routers always communicate with each other, Zigbee end devices, and the Zigbee controller via the 2.4GHz Zigbee protocol.

You could use PoE to simply power a Zigbee Router, but that doesn’t really solve anything.

You could use a PoE Zigbee Controller (e.g. like The Tube’s devices) which would create its own new Zigbee mesh network for an outbuilding. HA would communicate via Ethernet to the Zigbee controller, and would need to run either ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT (Z2M). If you already have a ZHA based Zigbee controller, then I would recommend using Z2M on the new controller.

This is really the same idea as what I originally suggested regarding simply using a Philips Hue bridge in the remote location. You could easily pair Zigbee lights with the Hue Bridge, and then have the Hue bridge integrated with HA via Ethernet. This is a very easy and quick way to add another Zigbee mesh network to your HA system.

If your goal is only to get the devices in your garage usable in HA, not to fill in gaps in the existing ZHA mesh, my suggestion would be to use one of the ethernet based adapters with Z2M alongside your already existing ZHA. If you have no signal out to the garage at all I don’t see that interference would be a big issue.

Right, there’s no way i would “meshing” around, with additional “router-capable” devices for this purpose ( it’s just another point of failure ! )

Draw an ethernet-cable, put op a Ethernet-Switch in the garage ( or a Router with WIFI and Ethernet ports, as a WIRED AP ( To your main Router ) , this way you have LAN/WIFI in the garage( For all purposes you find usefull )
To this Switch/Router, you connect a i.e IKEA Coordinater ( Or optional choice )
Ikea runs Default on Zigbee Channeo 10, where as most others uses Channel 15
Depending upon how much/often you use the Garage, this would be a stable choice ( For both WIFI/Ethernet and Zighbee )
And if you uses a IP-Router as AP, you on the same WIFI/and ethernet Network ( You just add another Zigbee Network on another Channel, and another Integration )
IKEA is not the one you’ll have problems with ( Drawback, limited device assortment ( but eventually they “catch up” , on the other hand, with same WIFI-Network, you can use optional wifi devices to communicate with )

One drawback of using IKEA or Hue coordinators is the limited support for devices. If you have them laying around unused sure, but if there is a need for a purchase there are better options (like the network based ones).

There are also ESP devices with ESP32-POE

Yes, i did mentioned that, and btw IKEA is a Wired Coordinator( Network based )
It’s All simple, but an easy plug and play solution (depended upon which devices you have/need there, in a Garage ) …, not depended upon all the constant issues, people tends to get with ZHA and Zigbee-to-MQTT, beside all the configurations needed for these

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So are the Hue ones (at least the one I have). By network based ones I meant the ones I linked to earlier.

To clarify: I have changed my strategy to just try and reach over the gap. And I think its worth a shot with a larger antennae PoE-unit on my sheltered balcony (2 meters from my wifi-router as power source), and a bulb or something in the garage.

So can I get a SLZB-06M for example, load it with router firmware, plug it in a random ethernet connection for power, and just add it to my zha-network in HA?

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Yes, this has been explained before in the thread.

The router firmware for the SLZB-06 is here.

Yes, just wanted to confirm that A) changing firmware and adding to network is trivial, and B) It works with zha and not just zigbee2mqtt

When used as a router, the slzb-06 will function without any LAN connection, correct? (Say, powered by USB).

yes, indeed

I ordered two slzb-06 units. As I see it, I have these three options.

Hopefully A will work, but i highly doubt it. That is router slzb-06 placed on outside balcony, reaching all the way inside the under garden garage:

B is also an option, but not very elegant. Will also occupy a second power outlet. That is router slzb-06 placed on outside balcony reaching another router slzb-06 in garage opening:

C would work. That is a cable going from HA/LAN via PoE injector to coordinator slzb-06 in garage. But this is more practically demanding, which I can’t see happening in my life right now:

I just scrolled the entire thread but didn’t see it. If you answered this previously I apologize.

How far is that distance - line of sight you have marked with. “?” in scenario a and b?

Goes directly to - will it work and will it be stable.

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The receiving router bulb in A should be below this point.