Does trigger survive power loss?

I setup a 2 hour trigger
I “trigger” the trigger function and it begins counting down
10 minutes later my home loses power
30 minutes later my home has power

When HA boots back up
A) Will the trigger still be “triggered”
B) If yes to A, will it start counting from its preset value of 2 hours, 1 hour & 50 minutes (when power was lost), or 1 hour & 20 minutes (actual time since it was triggered) ?

I’ve been reading about a similar query recently. Have a look at Manual timer in frontend it might provide the answer your looking for.

Edit: I just realised this was a node red issue and not a HA issue. Sorry, my link is probably irrelevant.

I believe the answer is that the trigger node in Node RED can pick up where it left off in that situation but it doesn’t by default. By default node state information like that is kept only in memory and therefore doesn’t survive a restart. Same with data in global and flow.

However if you set up a local filesystem context store then I believe node state info (like the trigger node) does survive restarts. And you can also create global and flow variables that survive restart as well.

Definitely test it though. I’m not totally certain what node data does and doesn’t survive a restart after setting up that store. A lot does but I’m sure there’s some limitations.

With such a setup I would run two flows.
One for start and one for stop.
The start can then be set to run at certain times and at start up and it would then work as a pickup after power failure, restarts and the likes.

I’ve been storing my oil tank level as a global for more than a year and haven’t lost the value once.

:man_shrugging: maybe they changed the default store then. I know like 2 years or so ago I had to follow that guide to get my file store for globals that survived restart. If they made that the default after that then that makes sense to me

I enabled context storage, it wasn’t that way by default.