Does Tuya integration send opratial dat through the cloud

I just bought a mmWave human presance sensor. I intended to buy a ZigBee version but they send a Tuya WiFi version of the same sensor. The sensor works nicly and solves the problem of the lights turning off on a person who is sitting down and not moving. The sensor can detect small “mirco motions”, such as breathing. And it only cost $13.

My question is about ther Tuya integration. These is a notice that the Tuya integration is cloud-based. Does this mean detection/clear data is going rount trip to Tuya’s cloud? Or is the cloud only used durring setup?

If the operational data is going through the cloud, this could explaun the annoying delay in detection I’m seeing.

(I have a Zigbee version on the way.)

If you use the Tuya integration, yes. There is Local Tuya and Tuya local in HACS, which does not.

But even when using local tuya, it will phone home, unless you block traffic with a firewall.

I don’t care so much is some data is sent. What I don’t want is the time delay of a round trip. I’l look at “HACS”.

It will be interresting to measure the difference between all these solutions,Tuya, Local Tuya nd Zigbee.