Does Tuya soil sensor work like miflora?

Does this Tuya soil sensor have a HA integration? I know miflora works, but I like this version because it has AAA batteries that will last longer than miflora.

I found that working with tuya gives you most flexibility when using local tuya. All DP (data point) config is mappable, so for devices that are not known yet, you can make stuff work one way or another.
I’ve been looking at soil sensors and have not seen this one yet. If I find decent proce for it, I’ll try it myself probably.

It’s a ZigBee device btw ?

I think that one might be Bluetooth / BLE

Yes, it’s bluetooth. It looks very much like miflora, but the extra battery size. Could it be the same?

Would have the same question but wondering it could be even flashed with ESPHome to fulfill the purpose of Home Assistant integration.

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