Does VM need to be always running for Home Kit Integration?

I have successfully integrated Homekit Assistant with HomeKit, by creating a VirtualBox VM on my MacBook Pro. Works perfectly. However my Homekit Hub is a wall mounted iPad (not the laptop). When my laptop goes to sleep, all linked accessories go “unresponsive” - is this expected? Any way around it? Ideally the iPad would always see the Homekit Assistance accessories, even when the VM is shut down.

What is Homekit Assistant ?

This is a Home Assistant forum.

If you actually meant Home Assistant instead of Homekit Assistant then yes this is very much expected behaviour.

Home Assistant needs to be running 24/7.


Whatever your trying to do you will need server/computer running when trying to see devices in homekit

Thanks all. We should start a business where these instances can be running in the cloud. Ha ha.

That would defeat one of HomeKit’s biggest features - specifically, local device connectivity/automation processing.