Does withings work?

I’m at my wits end. I’ve emailed supported and post on the forums (maybe in the wrong place?)

Anyway just trying to check and see if others have it working at all?

Works for me.
Added a developer account and installed the integration. Then added both my and the wife’s account to the integration, and we get the sensors in home assistant updated

Thank you for the response!

Did you use the same email in the dev account as the withings account?

We use two different accounts. You log in to the account(s) using your browser when setting up the integration.
But you first need to add the dev-information (client Id and secret if I remember correctly) to your configuration.yaml and restart ha.

I tried doing this from complete scratch. With a new dev account and all, but still the same error.

I tried changing the email, but still the same error.

I am now trying to delete the dev accounts (which only happens after 7 days). I’ll see if that fixes the issue.