Does Z-Wave JS still report all controllers as "not" Z-Wave plus?

Back when OZW was in-use, it had a documented “issue” in that controllers were always reported as not being Plus devices (is_zwave_plus = false) even if they supported the standard.

I don’t see anyone talking about this since Z-Wave JS became available, though my HUSBZB-1 shows

Z-Wave Info
Device ID: 1
Device Status: Alive
Device Ready: Yes
Highest Security: None
Z-Wave Plus: No

Does anyone know if with Z-Wave JS it is still the case that all controllers will show No/False here? Or should I be concerned that this device doesn’t actually support Z-Wave Plus?

Asking because I’ve seen a few variants of what seems to be this same device from different “brands” where it’s a bit dubious as to if they are truly identical, with some stating it’s a Z-Wave plus controller, and others not saying either way.

I have a Zooz ZST10 700 that’s labeled as Z-Wave Plus, but reports as not Plus when looking in ZwaveJS2MQTT. Maybe this is something that doesn’t get identified by this software?
Watching to see what others say about this.

I’m thinking that is the case, as this was explicitly mentioned in the docs for the old OZW: Z-Wave (deprecated) - Home Assistant (see “is_zwave_plus”).

There is no documentation for the equivalent of this value in Z-Wave JS however, nor a note about this “issue” (or any mention of Z-Wave plus at all other than suggesting you use devices that support it for that matter), which made me concerned that in Z-Wave JS this may no longer be the case and that Plus enabled controllers should display as such in their Device Info; however, it’s also possible they simply forgot to carry over this part of the documentation when it was written for Z-Wave JS.

That property is not valid for primary controllers, only included nodes. You can ignore it.


Seem’s its still the same then from OZW.