Does zigbee extend wifi range, say, to my laptop upstairs from my broadband?

[I am not knowledgeable about any kind of hardware at all, do not say this is a stupid question. ELI5.]
ELI5, title. Do zigbee devices act like a wifi extender(repeater) you can find on amazon? Or is the “zigbee” thing itself just for the devices that have it baked it and has zigbee as its sole operating system?

Thanks in advance.

No. Some zigbee devices do act as routers, in wifi terminology this would be probably extenders. Zigbee operate on 2.4 ghz frequency, same as wifi, but it can’t communicate with wifi devices not vice versa.
Zigbee is radio based communication protocol just like wifi but it is used for smart devices not internet surfing.


Thanks lots.

@iamnotabot you should really try to research a little on your own before asking question like those on this forum. At least read the wikipedia article or something.

In this case the answer is also more or less roughly explained in the ZHA integration documentation introduction, and more information under sections about adding devices and limitations, see:

So it is highly recommend that you read through all of the integration documentation regardless, read example this whole page:

But best is to do more research yourself yo learn more about any IoT protocols and standards, so suggest start by checking out the cookbook guide links: