Does ZigBee Popp ZB-Shield work with HA?

Want to add ZigBee devices directly to HA (mainly because polling time on Hue hub is pissing me off). I’ve had a look around the guides and other threads and several devices are recommended but I’m struggling to find something confirmed to work, in stock and from a trusted retailer.

I found this but can’t work out if it would work with HA and was wondering if any of you more knowledgeable people would know?

Thanks everyone

HA supports Zigbee by various bridges or by ZHA integration or Zigbee2MQTT (requires extra MQTT broker).

So, source for supported devices are:

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I also have the POPP ZB shield, but it does not work. I have Home Assistant Core running. When I want to connect the POPP ZB shield to Home Assistant I get the error message “Config flow couldn’t load”. Is there a solution?

Newer Elelabs/Popp is a good option for ZHA, but be sure to get older EFR32 model not using EFR32 as they been selling Zigbee adapters a long time and previous models used older EM35x/EM35xx chip. Rumour is also that Elelabs/Popp will release a newer EFR32MG24 based dongle before the summer.

CC2652P/CC2652R/CC2652RB adapters is also a good option that also works in Zigbee2MQTT too. See ex. ITead Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus (CC2652P) or Electrolama ZZH (CC2652R).

Silicon Labs and Texas Instruments radios listed in ZHA docs however recommend updating firmware:

FYI, POPP are rebranded Elelabs Zigbee Coordinator and support for them is very good in ZHA:

I believe that you first need to disable Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi if want to use a Zigbee shield or hat?

From that example “This is required since both Bluetooth and Z-Pi 7 utilize the same serial port dev/ttyAMA0, in order for Z-Pi 7 to form a connection to your RPi, you must disable Bluetooth.

Meaning that need to edit so your /boot/config.txt file should contain something like:


You then need to configure the correct Serial Device Path and serial port speed for Radio Type “ezsp”.

Dont’ know for GPIO adapters but Device path for USB adapters under Supervisor → Host → Hardware