Doesn't change status when home assistant app runs in the backgroung

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I installed the ‘home assistant’ app on my iPhone.

After that I put some iPhone entíties on Lovelace Dashboard, but the values of them only refreshing when I run home assistant app on iPhone. For example, the battery status is: “not charging” at desktop PC (the phone is charging). After I run the ‘home assistant’ app on iPhone, the status switch to “charging”.

How can I setup the phone, that it sends status change when the ‘home assistant’ app runs in the background?

I set ‘Background App Refresh’ option and ‘Location’: always option

As far as I am aware even with background app refresh the HA app has to be opened for it to update the sensors.

You can make an automation to send a silent notification to the app that will cause the sensors to update, it’s in the documentation here…

Use Shortcut to create an automation from your iPhone.

Shortcuts —> Automation —> (+) —> Create Personal Automation —> Charger (is connected) —> Add Action —> Search for Home Assistant —> Select Update Sensors —> Toggle off Ask before Running —> Save

So far I have used Node-Red. I started to use (install) HA a week ago, therefore It is not clear exactly how to do what you have written.