Dog's location

Is anyone using any mechanism for tracking the location of their dog or pet within Home Assistant?

If so please share details, I am looking for a simple solution preferably without subscription but not sure what options are best.


Since the last update, the “tractive” component is part of HA core. :slight_smile: So this would be the easiest and best way, if you own a “tractive” tracker, but that is a subscription model.

I wouldn’t know of any dog tracking device, that is included in HA already. On the other hand I must say, I wouldn’t know of any other popular brand for dog tracking either… :smiley:

If you want another tracker, you can always try to implement something on your own, depending on what that tracker provides. Some trackers, I’d call them DIY-tracker, have a small webserver running, that you could use.

I for one use the “tractive” tracker after a lot of research and looking around. You can get the tracker for around 25.-€ to 30.-€, if you watch out for a sale. The normal price is around 50.-€. The monthly subscription fees start at 5.-€ and have all I wanted included. I can live track the dog, I have cell reception in nearly every country, and I have the tracking in HA.

I know, something tells me, that could be done cheaper or better, but I haven’t found any reasonable way to do so. :slight_smile: All in all I would recommend “tractive” as it is a good compomise in all belongings.

So, here you go, take a look and see if it fits your needs/wants:

My dog never leaves the house without her leash. The leash has a Tile bluetooth tracker attached to it and I added the device to both our phones. It’s not the most accurate solution since it will get the GPS coordinates from a paired phone, however… It is perfect for automating my Home Alarm since it knows when my dog is home or not (making sure that the alarm only triggers on door/window sensors and not on motion sensors whenever the dog is home)

Thanks @paddy0174 & @jimz011 !!

My requirements are actually quiet basic, my dog gets spooked by the home security alarm system so just trying to give him a break on the siren noise!

I will check out the details and post updates in few days.

Any chance you can share the yaml for this?

I have migrated to Node Red over a year ago, I don’t think I still have the yaml files.

I used to use a special collar to know my dog’s location. When my dog was small, he often ran away, so I bought one. But now I don’t use it because my dog is trained and listens to commands. I have a mental disorder, so I don’t have a regular dog, but a service dog. I filled out a form to register a service dog, and now I have benefits. Because my dog has the ID, I can go anywhere with my dog, even on an airplane.