Domain and local connection


I now have migrated from my RPi 3 to a NUC so I have a spare RPi in my network cabinet, I wondered if I would not turn it into a reverse proxy/dns server. I am looking for the best way of achieving the following:

  • it would be read only most of the time, no logs, everything in memory.
  • on my local network, I would have a DNS + reverse proxy so that all my services would be accessible through subdomains such as:
  • outside, some of these services can be accessible through the same domain name “” and so on, but use the public DNS and so the public certificate.

Is there something more elegant and easily maintainable than good-old nginx ? Maybe traeffik?

I use my own DNS in my network ( and also have the domain registered outside, SSL certificates are on HA

On my router I forward port 443 to port 8123 (used by internet, external)
On my intranet I use this url (dns has been registered to

So I use https for both internet (external) on port 443 and intranet (internal) on port 8123
This solved my certificate errors :wink: