Domain name not found

I’ve this error every 5 seconds:
WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.dnsip.sensor] Exception while resolving host: (4, 'Domain name not found')
I’ve no ideas…

My configuration is Hassio with reverse proxy. No DynDns or similar. No custom dnsip sensor configured.

Thank you for any help

So you don’t have this anywhere in your config?

  - platform: dnsip

No, nowhere.
This is exactly what seems strange to me… :frowning:

Grasping at straws here…

Go to the Configuration / Integrations menu. Do you have the Certificate Expiry integration set up?

No I don’t have the certificate integration installed, but how does it deal with my problem?
I just installed this plugin and now I’ve a new sensor that store the expiring date of my certificate…and so? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The warning is always there, every 5 seconds.

Is it possible that something about old broken installation of duckdns create dusty orphan code somewhere? :thinking:
How can I check all my configuration searching about ‘dnsip’? In my opinion the warning come from there. (all yaml file are dnsip free :slight_smile: )

Thanks for help

I found the bad config file in sub sub sub folder.
I’m searching dnsip string in all files recursively by terminal grep and i found it in a old cut and paste config.
Below the simple search command for future googlers…

grep -R dnsip /config/

I did not mean for you to install the Cert integration. Thought it might have be the cause if it was already installed. Glad you got it sorted.

No problem, I learned a new thing :wink: