Dome Door/Window Sensor help

Can anyone help me with the below device. I’m able to get it paired but they just hang in initializing(CacheLoad) and initializing(Probe). Any help would be great!

They look like battery sensors so you will need to wake it up using whatever the manufacturer tells you to do, usually a button somewhere or a recessed button using a paper clip. You usually only have 20s or so to sort out whatever you need to do tho’ before they go back to sleep :P. Or you can wait 24hrs and they should have woken up and sorted themselves out.

Hmm well thanks for that info i didnt know about the wake up stuff(first sensor im ever installing lol) but the main device is still just stuck in initializing. but the funny thing is and I didn’t notice this at first I do have another Binary sensor for the door with on and off state. So i just changed the type to door and now it displays and works correctly other then the main zwave.sensor_name device still stuck in initializing state.

I just went through this one recently. It’s still a work in progress, but after fighting with the Dome sensor stuck overnight on (“initializing (Probe)” with numerous reboots, and removals, I found with my install (Hassio) if I go to the zwave control web interface, select the node and click the refresh node command, then go to the door and click the pairing button 3 times (remove cover) it shows up as complete… finally.

Now it could go again on the next reboot, and that would be a real pain to have to wake it up every boot cycle, but that is how i have it working at the moment. Hope this helps if its still an issue for you.