Dome Water Shutoff - Reversing the state

Hi everyone!

I recently implemented a Dome Water Shutoff valve into my environment, and I have it working in Home Assistant, but with one small caveat. The toggle for it shows up as an input boolean, but the state is reversed from what it logically should be. In this case, the toggle shows “off” when the water is actually turned on, and vice versa:

Here you can see the toggle (input boolean) and binary sensor in Lovelace, right now the valve is open, but the toggle shows as “off”

I’ve seen entries for Binary Sensors to use a template to reverse the states, but it wasn’t clear if the same would work for an input boolean, and in this case, the binary sensor is actually right.

Is there a way to have the toggle show as “on” if the valve is “open”, and “off” if the valve is “closed”?

Thanks in advance for your help, this is not a deal breaker for me, but just more of a convenience.

Which integration did you use to bring this into home assistant?