DOME z-wave Plus Motion Detector DMMS1

I have automation around this sensor that triggers turning on hall light when motion is detected and if no motion is detected after a certain time to turn off the light. this has been working great for some time. But a few days ago the sensor start not to function correctly. After the first initial (true) motion detection the sensor continually detects motion (falsely) approximately every 30 seconds thus the light never turns off. If I pull the battery the unit stop continually triggering but once motion is detected it goes back into this continual false detection. I tried a factory reset (press button for > than 10 seconds), I tried deleting and readding the z-wave node and even tried removing zwave integration and readding the integration without success in resolving this issue.

I tried contacting Dome via email and telephone but haven’t gotten any response.

Any idea what else I can try? Anyone else experience this?


Replace battery?

Is it properly communicating with controller? Did you check logs?

Remove and readd to network? After you try everything, try everything I guess.

What Zwave you using?

I had not replace battery as the battery level reading is 36%.

Yes, I tried deleting the node and re-adding the node (if that is what you mean by Remove and readd to network). I am using Z-Wave (deprecated). Hadn’t migrated to z-wave JS. I can’t figure out what the URL is.
I am running HA on docker (QNAP nas)

replace battery and see if that helps

@tmjpugh Replaced battery - worked! Thanks!

I should have followed the cardinal rule of troubleshooting - rule out the simplest solution first

Batteries on wireless devices tend to cause weird communication issues at 40% and below. Not all but it’s definitely a thing.

I expect at some point they reduce transmit power on radio leading to intermittent communication. I replace batteries at 50-55% and setup blueprint that notifies me daily on anything below 60%