Dominator garage doors

I have a WiFi Dominator garage door opener which uses the Dominator app. It would be cool if someone could add support for them. My specific model is a Dominator DSO3 smart opener

Where is their API?

I thought some of these garage door motors still had terminals - so you could add a relay to avoid their, network implementation. My current old door has exposed terminals, and I have them as a pulse output on my paradox alarm. I was looking at new garage doors and dominator was on the list of replacements.

This may be of use: Dominator Smart Opener Model DSO-1 Compatibility - #6 by garadget - Wiring Openers - Garadget Community

If you did want to go down the relay path. The advantage is you would have full local control, and not need their expensive connection kit with who knows how good security.

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I agree a local solution is better.