Domoticz vs Home Assitant

Hi all,
I have just created an account here, I am an engineer, so hardware and software is not too strange to me :slight_smile: But i am a bit older and also cannot spend al of my time towards a home automation system, at a certain point in time it should basically work.:slight_smile:

Maybe you can help me with what I want to do:

  • I am writting from a Linux Mint machine, means I have some experience with Linux
  • I am using Domoticz on Raspberry since 5 years.
  • I wrote a handful of scripts with help from the internet, Python, Lua, etc…all provided by Domoticz
  • my home is a bit mixed up with Philips Hue, Xiaomi gateway, Ikea Tadfri, EspEasy, Z-Wave, Netatmo, etc.

Why do I want to change:

  • my domoticz instance is 2 years old an i need to update everything (with Z wave that’s not so easy due to a new openzwave version)
  • and I am open for some new experience e.g. integrating my Tesla.

what do I need:

  • do you recommend changing my complete infrastructure, or better changing the controller of my infrastructure?
  • is it possible without spending 10 days of my vacation…or is it possible to do it during my home office :wink:
  • very important and very special: does the Z wave stick work with the stored configuration or do I need to lstore all Z Wave devices again?
  • does ESP Easy work with Home Assitant (espeasy has domoticz built in) I assume I can use MQTT anyway
  • is it possible to make a http call to any of the switches like its been done in Domoticz.
    Is there anyone who already changed from Domoticz to Home Assitant?

Many thanks for some help of you guys…

PS maybe its god to know, that I am using several Raspis in my house for : OpenWB, Unifi Controller, NodeRed, etc.

Hi Joachim, welcome to the community.

I’m also a newcomer, came here in December, and have moved from Domoticz to Home Assistant.

I have written about the process here. It may answer some of your questions.

PS. Do read the addendum to my blog post. Things are changing regarding ZWave support in Home Assistant. Currently I’m using the new ZWave JS integration - it is still a beta, but it’s working well enough for my setup.

I have briefly read your link, its almost exactly my situation, using Domoticz since 5 years and stuck since last year. I was somehow lucky not to make this upgrade, but since then my instance is running and I do not make any upgrades.
I am not sure if I upgrade on a new domoticz or use this as a chance to switch over to another system.
I am also looking at iobroker, which is a German system, in case you do not know, but I am not sure if this fits my need.
I like the idea of copying the Z Wave stick. Does this then work at home Assitant without a new configuration of all Z Wave devices
let stay in touch i have bookmarked your link and will definitely use it.
Changing the complete home automation system is a time consuming topic and I like to avoid as much additional work as possible

One short question: My Z wave stick is a Z-Wave USB Stick (ZMEEUZB1) which seems is a Z wave+. do I need to transfer the config file to another AEONTEC stick? But anyway, I assume I will find out anyway…

and I like the idea of using a SSD instead of a SD Card…

So thanks a lot again…

The Aeotec software is for the Aeotec USB sticks only. It won’t work with the Z.ME UZB stick.

However, you should simply be able to plug the UZB stick into an RPi4 running Home Assistant, and the Z-Wave integration should read the existing network stored on the stick and set up its version of the ZWave mesh (naturally, all the entities will be given new names).