Don't Forget To Genuflect Before The Admins

Whatever you do don’t get in the way of an admin pushing an agenda, because they will lock the thread and ban your account.

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When you point out the draconian censorship they will try and hide the thread and make it private

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Here’s an archive as proof

It’s hilarious how you think blocking IPs is hurting me, Proton is a very popular VPN provider, should get pretty interesting when you start blocking other uninvolved people as collateral damage.

You are literally proving my point that this is all about one admins ego and has nothing to do with the Home Assistant community. If I wasn’t right you wouldn’t be going through all his trouble to keep hiding my posts.

keep trying to silence me here, so I drag this to someplace you don’t control, have you really thought this plan…

keep proving to me it’s all about one admins ego and how they’re mad they didn’t get to push their climate change agenda

You were given a 2 week suspension for refusing to understand the following:

  1. Home Assistant does not share user data.
  2. An invite to install a completely separate fork of Home Assistant developed by a third party at an educational institution (very likely covered by an ethics committee) was sent to a select group of users.
  3. They had the option to install this special version of home assistant if and only if they wanted to share their data. This was probably made very clear in the invite. Though I have not seen it.

So this voluntary sharing of data required very deliberate actions by the end user. Not just installing a third party integration but actually installing a completely different version of Home Assistant than the normal public release.

Since then you have been banned for refusing to to follow moderators advice and continual circumvention of your suspension and subsequent bans.

There is no conspiracy to steal your data or silence you. Your concerns were answered but you refused to believe them. You seem to be suffering from this: