Don't get any notifications - doing something wrong?


I’m fairly new with the HA (Hassio) but have already several components working on it. Using latest version (0.96.1) and was now paying some attention to notifications.
But I cannot get this to work…:thinking::thinking:
No matter what I try, I have not been able to push a notification to my Android phone (S10+).

I’ve installed both the HA Client and Ariela on my Android phone.
Life360 is also present/installed on the phone.

And then I’ve tested using - what I guess makes it easy to test - the Developer Tools => Services functionality to send out notifications.
Used the notify.notify service and (for Ariela) the notify.mobile_app_s10 service and message-syntax {“message”:“bla”}.

I just have the feeling I’m missing something, a component or so, therefore I’m hoping someone can help out here in the forum.

Thanks in advance! :+1:


Have you set up the notify components(s) you want to use in your configuration.yaml?

Well, I guess not :woozy_face::woozy_face:

Any suggestion? Where should I go or are there samples for the configuration.yaml that I can use?

Ok, done some reading and I’ve got it working now!
Using Telegram and notifications now work…

Thanks! Just needed a little push into the right direction…