Don't get it with Cards-Order

I have 2 cameras and in my dashboard (Frigate HASS Cards) 2 cards and 1 event (screens) each.
2 cameras, 2 cards, 2 events for people

The livestreams of the cameras are displayed in the left corner when viewed via desktop and the events on the right. This makes no sense at all.

On smartphone, on the other hand, the view is such that the live streams are displayed first and then the events. Everything below each other, which looks good.

This is how it is on Desktop:

That’s how I would like it to be on Desktop:

I find it somehow absurd that there is no drag & drop. So simply changing the cards-order with the mouse for stupid people like me.

I’ve read through this, but I can’t get it to work as desired: GitHub - thomasloven/lovelace-layout-card: 🔹 Get more control over the placement of lovelace cards.

Look is:

But the button from SD to HD disappears from the live streams and it doesn’t look good on smartphones either (everything is small and not one below the other).
I’m freaking out…

Spoken like someone who has never tried to program a drag-and-drop interface. It is not easy. See:

The easiest solution is to have two dashboards. One for mobile and one for desktop. You can assign the default dashboard for each device.

I understand that it’s not easy.

Then it should not be absurd to you that it is not yet implemented.

I updated my post with a workaround.