Don't mess with the WAF - just for fun

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I moved to Open Z-wave this weekend after trying to upgrade to 2021.2 and failing to upgrade due to something in my Z-wave 1.4 yaml set up causing the system to halt indefinitely.
I tried to jump to Z-waveJS but it was a disaster with my first generation Schlage connect lock. So I decided on OZW, for now.
I also installed the KeyMaster custom integration (sweet!).
I spent a lot of time this weekend tweaking things and getting everything working.
So tonight out of the blue, my lights start doing funky things, changing brightness, randomly turning off and on and such.
I was wondering what the heck is goin on.
Turns out my wife, who is in Florida visiting wanted to teach me a lesson for making her endure all of the door lock notifications she was pestered with this weekend.
She thought it would be funny to mess with me by triggering all kinds of automations at random.
I learned my lesson. :blush:
Have a great day. :sunglasses:

Been there. When I reload template entities I have about a dozen alerts that usually trigger along with a bunch of tts announcements. I ended up putting in a testing mode boolean that disables all alerts and notifications when Iā€™m messing around with things. Really helps keep the peace.

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