Don't require code to arm SimpliSafe (#118759)

Tried updating my container install from 2024.5.1 to 2024.6.1 but I’m getting an error that I need to use a pin with my Control Panel for the Simplisafe Integration.

I followed the GitHub source and saw the change referenced in the title. When I check from Developer tools for States for my Control Panel entity, the attribute code_arm_required: is true.

Am I missing any steps I need to take with this change?

I appreciate any help. And thanks to everyone’s efforts with HA and especially this integration.

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It’s a thing with this release. You need a code.
Alarm Control Panel Entity code validation | Home Assistant Developer Docs.

2024.6: Dipping our toes in the world of AI using LLMs 🤖 - Home Assistant.

I don’t use alarms but you apparently need to set a default code now.

Something here maybe?
SimpliSafe - Home Assistant.

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Yes, HA did change the default to require a code but the Simplisafe integration change sets that to false. For some reason that doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m seeing that my instance is showing that attribute as true instead of false.

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@bachya are #118759 changes part of release 2024.6.2? If so, can you think of why I’m seeing the attribute code_arm_required set to true?


Since this was a breaking change, it won’t come out until 2024.7.0b0.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not a frequent user of GitHub so I wasn’t sure how to interpret applicability. In the meantime, I found that adding a bogus Default Code to the entity seems to be working.

I appreciate your efforts and taking the time to answer me!

Of course!

Is there a wiki on how to add the default code and use it in automations? it would be a good work around until the patch is out.