Door Bell Notification

Good Morning Automators!!

A good friend and automator made a quite intriguing inquiry the other day:
“Can we build a door bell that uses TTS to ask"Who’s there? (or similar) via bluetooth speaker/mic, waits for and passes the response (via mic) to HASS which then processes and notifies with an accompanying image from the camera nearby?”

Hardware considerations
Insteon Doorbell kit / Zwave doorbell
IP Camera to cover front door
BT Speaker with MIC (Philips BT2500B/37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic)

A scenario:
Guest: *rings door bell
HASS TTS > BT Speaker: “Who’s there?”
Guest: “Dan”
HASS > notify email/pushbullet
"Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Dan is at your front door
******************Image from front door cam **************************
HASS > turn back yard light blue for 30 seconds (A notification system in case Im entertaining in the backyard and don’t necessarily have my phone handy)

Is there a way to implement these things? I know nothing of passing TTS information to or from HASS, or if there is a way to store responses as variables for this purpose

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But on topic; why shouldn’t this be possible? Maybe waiting for an answer is the most challenging part, but that should be possible with a shell script.

It very possible Rene just posted a really cool sound program that will do the TTS part for you based on whatever text string you put together and send it. It does a lot of other things too, but that feature is most to the point for your question. I’ll update this post with the link to his app in a second.

That is a neat project indeed and I’ll certainly look into that for other notification things; but I still can’t seem to find an answer to the original problem where the guest spoken name is stored as a text variable and used in a notification. This is the largest hurdle in the whole problem I’d say!

Ok, so the "Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Dan is at your front door " is text in an email, not spoken. so it’s really voice recognition that you are struggling with. Sorry I mis-understood the problem area. I think some people have done some work with that. Hopefully they will chime in.

i am working on the second part. (appie) which is STT.
that would solve your missing part.

without STT it would be impossible to know what name the guest has :wink:

and hold that name as a variable for XX seconds (long enough to generate an email notification?! THIS SOUNDS AEWSOME

As soon as Appie is doing what it should, you can do anything with the spoken text that you like.
you can store it in a file,
you can send in as a notification,
you can multiply it by 10,
you can do anything with it that you can do with text.

more info about the Appi project can be found here:

how about the face recognition from the last release for people you know already?

I did load that into my configs and configured with Microsoft but haven’t done anything with it yet… same thing with the ALPR, I was thinking of a nifty two factor authentication where if my Jeep is recognized and my phone is in the home zone, then the doors would unlock/garage door open, but other projects came up

I had something like this long ago with a door box connected to an asterisk system. I have been intending to put it back in. Have all the parts its just low on the list.

Person pushed button, call routed to an script that played a prerecorded “who is it”, then recorded the response, dialed an extension group that played back the response through the speakerphones.