Door entry sensor for a shop / high traffic doorway

Hi everyone. I have started using home assistant in my shop to control the lights in my window display and cabinets and im slowly adding more things to it.
I also have a workshop at the back where i spend most of my time. What i would like to do is have some kind of doorbell or chime go off when a customer comes through the door. The problem i have is my door opens outwards which is unusual for a shop and not every customer remembers to close the door behind them properly.
Ive tried using an aqara motion sensor but there seems to be a long gap between when the sensor detects motion and when it resets again so its not really viable when the shop is busy. Is there another alternative that anyone could recommend?
Ive also tried a normal door contact sensor but it only works if every customer remembers to close the door properly behind them in the first place.

How about a presence sensor, then you would know if someone is actually in the area?

What about on optical sensor, which triggers when the beam gets interrupted?

Why won’t you just use something that will close the door?
In the netherlands we call this a ‘deurdranger’ but i can’t seem to find how its named in English… i think its just ‘door closer’.

If you have a valid reason not to automatically close the door with this system, i would go with @itnassol presence sensor is the way to go.

i did think about using a door closer but the door is an exterior door and opens outwards so it would need to be waterproof.
I should also probably mention that by shop i mean a guitar store not a workshop. i just happen to have a workshop at the back of the shop where i do guitar repairs.