Door/gate opener via iPhone wallet (NFC)


I am looking for a workaround to open multiple doors (and a garage gate) via NFC. I would love to use the native iPhone wallet as the key. Every considered door lock is already driven by a motor connected via KNX as the backbone.
Therefore I need a simple I/O payload to the knx bus every time an iPhone with the right card in its wallet hits one of the NFC readers next to the doors.
Did anybody manage something similar already and can recommend hard- and software to realize?
It would be great if the nfc readers can be placed behind a thin plaster layer or at least a white plastic cover.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi :wave:! Have a look here GitHub - rednblkx/HomeKey-ESP32: ESP32 HomeKit Lock with support for the Home Key

Thanks mate, that looks pretty like the right approach.
I will start to investigate